If one were to conspire with the Universe and hold to be true the belief that our reality is born of our dreams, then with this knowledge, we would hold the key to our own liberation as  well as how we experience it.  In other words, our Light, which is our true essence, is waiting for us to become one with it and it is a process of dropping the veils or of shedding that which is obscuring our TrueNature. This is true power.Along with the acceptance of this principal, what if we were to imagine a Universe that held for us everything we ever wanted and was simply waiting for us to Allow its blessings to shower us.  This is the idea of Pronoia, the antidote to paranoia, which states that theWhole world is conspiring to shower us with blessings.  The key to unlocking those blessings lies in our ability to accept them, or toAllow them.  This may seem a simple thing to do, and in fact it is but we need one thing and that is the knowing that we deserve it, that we are worth it and that is the power of Love for the Self.  True love would say to you, yes, you can have it all.  That is the key.  The rest will take care of itself.The mind is a vast and omniscient entity and it is there within us.It is the healer and the magician.  It is the Shaman and the Light.Once we can hold ourselves in Love vibration and accept the Universal abundance we can carve a wondrously adventurous Path to Enlightenment, tailored to us just as we need it.  The energies of the Devine are within us and so we need not have to earn anything.  We need just to release and let go.Take the journey of Life. Free yourself.  Let it be a great mystical and Luminous adventure and may it be filled with music and poetry, great art, dance and JOY! LOTS OF JOY! YOU ARE WORTH IT MY LOVELY DARLINGS! LET US BE WELL TOGETHER! I LOVE YOU!